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re: DECLINED - App: shadowila - by Caboose54

Sorry for the late reply.

We will have to decline your application. Our healing roster is already full, and we also have quite a few backup healers.

Good luck elsewhere!


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re: App: shadowila

The application submitted by shadowila is as follows:


Refer to the example application before applying:


Character Name and Server:


Armory Link:

What spec(s) are you comfortable playing? How much experience do you have playing it?:
Holy currently, played Disc for the last 3 expansions but currently it isn't the strongest healing spec out there. My play style doesn't match a disc priests play style in this expansion. I have been playing since vanilla days, but played as a healing priest from burning crusade. I have a lot of experience up my sleeve and i adapt well throughout every expansion

What experience do you have with previous raiding tiers (both this expansion and past expansions)?:
Here are the list of expansions i have played in
Vanilla - played during the whole expansion, was in a hardcore raiding guild doing Naxx (T3 content)
During vanilla i played on my warlock on Malygos with a 40 man guild. We cleared BWL, MC, AQ20/40 and started working on T3 Naxx. This was my first ever MMO experience that i fell in love with and continued playing for the community.

Burning crusade - Played during the whole expansion as a lock/priest. This expansion i started out playing on my warlock, but soon realized that i actually love the healing class. At the end of vanilla i rolled a priest to just mess around on when we are not raiding. This became my main. During Burning crusade i cleared Gruuls lair, Karazhan, I don't actually remember how much i did of Magtheridons lair and Sunwell but i never fully completed it unfortunately due to having school commitments due to being such a younging.

Lich king - Once again played the whole expansion, this time as a healer. Due to the lack of time i did casual raiding. Didn't see much heroic ICC. I Cleared ICC on normal (10 player) + Naxx (25 Player). I have done all the normal raids, and a few bosses on heroic, but once again due to me being underaged at that stage, i couldn't raid when i wanted. You know still wearing that diaper (in a non serious way) and listening to your mums commands.

Cataclysm - Played a disc priest, Finished all of the content including deathwing on 5% nerf on heroic. I started off in a i believe it was a 20-25 man raiding guild, due to a lot of internal guild drama they decided to reduce the numbers to 10 man (This was when DS came out). We cleared on normal then struggled on heroic because our team comp was not the best. I took my leave and joined a hardcore raiding guild where we progressed and killed Deathwing on 5% nerf.

Pandaria - Did not attempt to raid this expansion, felt disappointed with how downhill the game has gotten since vanilla

Dreanor - Raided casually, Cleared Hell fire citadel, Black Foundry and High Maul. Pugged most of this expansion and did most of the bosses on heroic

What experience do you have with the current raiding tier?:
Legion - Currently my guild has been very casual, so i am looking for a guild that i can use my full potential in to strive for being a top player and continue to progress with a guild on new content. In EN i cleared 7/7 normal, 7/7 Heroic, 4/7 mythic. In ToV normal 3/3, heroic 2/3.

Why do you wish to join Ookem in the Dooker?:
As stated above, i would like to join Ookem in the Dooker due to the progression factor, i am a very competitive and persistent person and i would like to put my skills into a guild that will 100% commit to progression and strive to be the best. I would like to push my own limits as a healer and as a WoW player to be able to show off my e-dick to my friends, just kidding. I would like to push myself because i like a challenge, and currently due to my guild taking such a long time to get their act together (4 weeks now) I am getting bored with the expansion and the rate of progression.

Do you have anyone in Ookem in the Dooker that is willing to vouch for you?:
Unfortunately there is no one in the guild that could vouch for me. I could refer you to streamers that i have played with, who could vouch for me, but alas i have never had the privileged to say hello to any of you

What guilds have you raided with previously? Why did you leave them?:
I am currently in a guild called Pretty pink Pwnies, I am still currently raiding with them until i find a new home. I have been loving the experience with these amazing individuals, every one of them has been nothing but pleasant. With a heavy heart though i feel the need to leave due to the lack of progression. Due to the amount of festivities coming up, people have not been taking raiding seriously. We have been stuck on 4/7M, to be honest after we killed 4/7 we stopped progression all together and started gearing out casuals. I would love to stay in this guild for the atmosphere and the amazing people i have met, but i would also love to progress and have a form of competition/.challenge for myself as a player.

Are you available for every raid day (M, T, TH from 6:30 to 9:30 Mountain)?:

What other days of the week are you available to raid?:
Any, as long as i get a warning a few days prior.

Do you click any skills? If so, what skills do you click?:
Honestly everything is bound, every now and then Resurrection hot key tends to be non responsive, so i do click that at the end of combat.

What addons do you use? Please provide a screenshot of your UI.:
For raiding i use the following addons:

out of raiding i do use quite a bit of addons, ranging from pvp addons like omni bar and gladius to pet battle addons.
This is just a self made UI, i do not like to over complicate everything

Do you have any recent logs from World of Logs or Warcraft Logs? If so, please provide a link.:
These are guild logs, you can look through any of them, there are parses of my healing of 80-98%

What are your computer specifications? Please include details about your computer hardware, operating system, and network stability.:
Operating system: Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
Processor: intel(r) core (TM) i7-5820k CPU @ 3.30 Ghz
Memory/Ram: 16384 MB ram (DDR4)
Video card: NVIDIA geforce GTX 780 Ti
Motherboard: ASUS Rampge v Extreme

Do you have any additional information for us?:
I can be quite useful, I am a full time streamer ( When new raiding content comes out and the guild would like to go semi pro/pro i could help obtain sponsorship for the guild through my connections and streaming. I generally don't stream raids and progression because i do like to concentrate on my healing, otherwise if a guildie ever misses a raid i will have it all on vod/recorded for teaching purposes.

Did you read the example application and the instructions at the top of the page?:

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