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re: APPROVED - App: josephdredd - by Caboose54

If you can transfer over before Monday, we'll test you out on Tichondrius. Make sure to read up on that fight (and possibly Botanist, just in case).

Here are some of our kill videos, in case you want to study them as well for farm content: (just check the other videos uploaded by this user).

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re: App: josephdredd

The application submitted by josephdredd is as follows:


Refer to the example application before applying:


Character Name and Server:


Armory Link:

What spec(s) are you comfortable playing? How much experience do you have playing it?:
Traits: BM 54, SV 36, MM 35. Experience with each spec is faily relative to the amount of traits I have in them. BM is king, MM is boring, SV is fun but complex.

What experience do you have with previous raiding tiers (both this expansion and past expansions)?:
I didn't play wow for most of Cata or any of Mists. I have done heroic everything other than those 2 expansions and went back to playing pretty substantially during Legion. I've done Hard Modes back before heroic, I did ICC heroic both 10 and 25 (4 minutes off server first 25 during a brief stint on Mal'Ganis) Have some mythic EN down and my current guild has not made attempts at mythic NH yet (this week its finally happening). I have... experience.

What experience do you have with the current raiding tier?:
5/7M, 3/3H, 10/10H. I have viewed and studied most of Mythic NH. I'm my current guild's raid leader/shot caller, so fights are known.

Why do you wish to join Ookem in the Dooker?:
Old friends. Current guild leadership is toxic and unfun.

Do you have anyone in Ookem in the Dooker that is willing to vouch for you?:
Caboose? Mohinder? Smacku? I'm not sure about really VOUCHING, as we haven't played together since Wrath.

What guilds have you raided with previously? Why did you leave them?:
Vanilla - I honestly don't remember. (switched servers)
BC - Manifest Destiny
WotC - Manifest Destiny (Merger), Now With More Sodium (Merger), Merely a Setback (guild broke up)
Cata - Guildless for the month i was there
WoD - Ookem (couldn't make raid times due to work), Guilds with friends that I honestly don't remember anymore (switched servers)
Legion - Abusive (merger), Burn (current)

Are you available for every raid day (M, T, TH from 6:30 to 9:30 Mountain)?:

What other days of the week are you available to raid?:
anytime after 6pm mountain

Do you click any skills? If so, what skills do you click?:
Just potions

What addons do you use? Please provide a screenshot of your UI.:

Addons are really too many to mention, but I use a lot of the big ones. SUF, Grid (but i'll likely switch to vuhdo), DBM, etc etc etc.

Do you have any recent logs from World of Logs or Warcraft Logs? If so, please provide a link.:
here's our fail from last night

What are your computer specifications? Please include details about your computer hardware, operating system, and network stability.:
GTX 1080
Windows 10
Network is fast and stable
Comp is good enough to run 100+ frames in raids at ultra.

Do you have any additional information for us?:
I'm not an idiot. I know how to not stand in fire and how to dps and how to follow instructions. I've been a guild leader, a raid leader, a grunt... I just want to play the game, down bosses, and have fun while doing it.

I pull fairly decent numbers for not having the right legendarys in a spec that's very legendary dependent. I won't say I don't make mistakes, but they are few and i own them. i don't make excuses.

Did you read the example application and the instructions at the top of the page?:

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