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re: App: Whoisthishomiequan

The application submitted by Whoisthishomiequan is as follows:


Refer to the example application before applying:


Character Name and Server:


Armory Link:

What spec(s) are you comfortable playing? How much experience do you have playing it?:
Ass Ass inating, and being sneaky

What experience do you have with previous raiding tiers (both this expansion and past expansions)?:
I was 30/30M in Worlords of Draenor.

What experience do you have with the current raiding tier?:
I am of masterful edge in Nighthold. I killed xavius on mythic. and Managed to kill the great witch known as helno before night hold came out. I am one of the Chosen few.

Why do you wish to join Ookem in the Dooker?:
I want to be an ook ook melee player. Encore wouldn't let me ook ook with them, and I just want to be an ooking melee and ignore mechanics.

Do you have anyone in Ookem in the Dooker that is willing to vouch for you?:
I know you all love me.

What guilds have you raided with previously? Why did you leave them?:
spooky ghost
rainbows in human form.

Are you available for every raid day (M, T, TH from 6:30 to 9:30 Mountain)?:

What other days of the week are you available to raid?:
All day for daddi.

Do you click any skills? If so, what skills do you click?:
I click on player frames to spook step to them.

What addons do you use? Please provide a screenshot of your UI.:
You guys know. I use them all and my UI is top fucking percentage.

Do you have any recent logs from World of Logs or Warcraft Logs? If so, please provide a link.:

What are your computer specifications? Please include details about your computer hardware, operating system, and network stability.:

Do you have any additional information for us?:
I am a professional weeb. I only watch the topest caliber of animus. My waifu is the best. Emilia and rem are shit. Felix is best girl. I am here to kick ass and show the bench how we ook. They cannot ook like me. I will even ook on ret paladin. I just want to ook like the best of them.

I will also sell you access to the best of guilds logs for a cheap price.

Did you read the example application and the instructions at the top of the page?:

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