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re: App: Moarwolves

The application submitted by Moarwolves is as follows:


Refer to the example application before applying:


Character Name and Server:


Armory Link:

What spec(s) are you comfortable playing? How much experience do you have playing it?:
Enhancement/Elemental, one year as enhancement 115 days @110

What experience do you have with previous raiding tiers (both this expansion and past expansions)?:
I raided most of M HFC, all of M EN, and am currently 9/10 M NH. I played feral in some of HFC, then switched to my shaman, and have been enhance since then.

What experience do you have with the current raiding tier?:
9/10M NH

Why do you wish to join Ookem in the Dooker?:
I am looking for a dedicated group who is as serious about WoW as I am, with strong leadership for the upcoming raid. I believe you could be just what I am looking for

Do you have anyone in Ookem in the Dooker that is willing to vouch for you?:

What guilds have you raided with previously? Why did you leave them?:
I was in a nice little raiding guild in HFC, Exceedingly Mediocre-Runetotem/Kel'thuzad, through the start of NH, where they were no longer able to progress, me and a few others had nursed it along until it was hurting our progression too much, and we had to leave. Everyone left on good terms. so I joined another, iraider-Kel'thuzad guild, finished my trial with them, and then their tank left with some of the core members. The guild I am currently in does not share my views on progression.

Are you available for every raid day (M, T, TH from 6:30 to 9:30 Mountain)?:

What other days of the week are you available to raid?:
any, I play over 12 hours a day

Do you click any skills? If so, what skills do you click?:
my Berzerking, hero and pots

What addons do you use? Please provide a screenshot of your UI.:

Do you have any recent logs from World of Logs or Warcraft Logs? If so, please provide a link.:

What are your computer specifications? Please include details about your computer hardware, operating system, and network stability.:
PC specs

i3-4160 @3.60
nvidia 1050

Do you have any additional information for us?:
I know my class/spec back and forth, I have stuck with it through good and bad (thankfully fixes are coming soon, and the shaman community is speaking out at last) I am nearly always around to run M+ or raid, farm, anything. I work nonstop to better myself, and find new goals when my previous ones are met. I have had awful luck with guilds this entire expansion, so I am ready to find a guild I can stick with, and wont break apart, while not ruining my progression to be in. I always arrive raid ready, I NEVER miss a raid, and I NEVER show up late. And I won't burn out on you. An idea of my mainspec knowledge:

Stormstrike: main attack
Lava lash: Filler (can have HH proc if talented which changes it's priority
Flametongue: buff
Frostbrand: only used when talented HS, buff
Feral spirit: main CD, energy builder, damage dealer
Healing rain (if talented): provides an extra healing patch for the raid
Wind rush totem (if talented): provides a raid movement speed increase
Feral lunge (if talented): provides me with a lunge to target
Crash lightning: main AoE, deals dmg on use, and causes my lava lash and stormstrike to spread to the other targets
Wind Shear: interrupt, ranged
Boulderfist/rockbiter: energy builder/buff(if talented)

My rotation:
cast feral lunge if talented, if not, be in ghost wolf to gain energy and move faster, while casting spirit walk

Boulderfist to gain energy/buff
Flametongue to buff
Frostbrand to buff (if talented)
Feral Spirits to gain energy
Crash lightning (provided no SS proc has happened) to trigger Alpha Wolf, and again 8 seconds later
Pop artifact
Stormstrike, as now you have set yourself up for a good proc string if it arrives
Lava Lash
rebuff/continue from there

Stormstrike is priority unless talented Hot Hands and you do not have a Stormbringer Proc, in which case the Hot Hands proc would take priority

Lava lash is used as a way to try to force a proc if you don't have one, and no buffs need to be refreshed, unless talented HH, then the HH proc gives it more priority.

Flametongue is one of my buffs, it is only to fall off on the occasion I get a very long stormstrike proc chain
Boulderfist with landslide makes this buff the most important buff as it gives me agility, and boulderfist gives me 5% extra damage
Frostbrand I only use when talented Hailstorm, and with the legendary bracers/ring combo (single target, low movement fights are where this build shines)
Feral spirits are high priority to use on cooldown, as is artifact.

Did you read the example application and the instructions at the top of the page?:


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re: DECLINED - App: Moarwolves - by Caboose54

We will be declining your application. Our current roster is already quite full.

Good luck elsewhere.

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