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re: App: Tehdrooddood

The application submitted by Tehdrooddood is as follows:


Refer to the example application before applying:


Character Name and Server:


Armory Link:

What spec(s) are you comfortable playing? How much experience do you have playing it?:
I am comfortable playing as any of the three Monk specs. I have the most experience playing as Brewmaster, but I have cleared much of the Legion content as either of the other specs as well.

What experience do you have with previous raiding tiers (both this expansion and past expansions)?:
I returned at the start of Legion after taking a break from the game since WotLK. The beginning of my raiding experience was during Wrath. I raided as a restoration druid with the guild Bad Mojo throughout Naxx, Ulduar, and Trial on both 10-man and 25-man difficulties. We even managed to complete a few hard mode Ulduar bosses before Trial of the Crusader came out. I quit early into Trial progression because I simply did not like the raid, and I had also started college at the time of the release of the raid.
Since returning to WoW for Legion I have raided on every difficulty level for the main raid tiers. I finished at 4/7M for EN prior to the release of the next raid tier, and finished at 3/10M for NH before the release of ToS. In addition to raiding on my Monk, I have also raided on all difficulties as a Demo Lock, Guardian Druid, and Vengeance DH. I have gravitated towards Monk because of the class design and high mobility, but I enjoy playing many specs on many classes in the game.

What experience do you have with the current raiding tier?:
As for the current raiding tier, ToS, I have some experience so far. I cleared Normal mode on the first day of release and will start Heroic this weekend. I cleared Normal as both a Vengeance DH and a Brewmaster monk and am looking forward to progressing through this raid tier on all difficulty levels.

Why do you wish to join Ookem in the Dooker?:
Ookem in the Dooker is a guild that performs at the highest level. I want to be a part of a community that prides themselves on pushing their limits and progressing through difficult content. I know that you all have outstanding players, and I would love to progress through content with players who are not only great at the game, but likely enjoyable people to play the game with.

Do you have anyone in Ookem in the Dooker that is willing to vouch for you?:
I do not currently know anyone in Ookem in the Dooker.

What guilds have you raided with previously? Why did you leave them?:
In this expansion, I have only raided with the guild Nostalgia Infestation. Many of the core raiders experienced burnout mid-way through NH progression and this guild cannot field a mythic raiding roster. As I previously stated, I want to push more difficult content, and am unable to do so at the moment.

Are you available for every raid day (M, T, TH from 6:30 to 9:30 Mountain)?:

What other days of the week are you available to raid?:
I am available every of day of the week as well

Do you click any skills? If so, what skills do you click?:
I only click on mounts, drums, and hearths

What addons do you use? Please provide a screenshot of your UI.:
I use Elvui for my UI. As for raiding, I use WeakAuras, DBM, Skada, GTFO, DeathNote, Exorsus, VuhDo, and Omen.

Do you have any recent logs from World of Logs or Warcraft Logs? If so, please provide a link.:

What are your computer specifications? Please include details about your computer hardware, operating system, and network stability.:
Windows 10, GPU - Nvidia 1080Ti, 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD & 1TB HD. Network connected is very stable. No problems in over a year.

Do you have any additional information for us?:
Thank you for your consideration in this application, and good luck in the upcoming raid tier even if you choose not to accept me!

Did you read the example application and the instructions at the top of the page?:


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re: DECLINED - App: Tehdrooddood - by Caboose54

Sorry for the late reply.

We will be declining your application.

Good luck elsewhere!

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